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Trauma sexology

Trauma sexology is the science that describes and investigates the effects of sexual abuse. The focus is mainly on the first moment of sexual abuse. The task is to identify and describe the consequences of the damage in life after sexual abuse. 

Trauma sexology makes the connection between sexual abuse of a child/young person and the damage suffered as a result, which has serious (after) effects on the inner structure. The effects of this influence personal/sexual development and are noticeable later in adulthood.

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As a counselor for victims of sexual abuse, among other things, I want to help you put words to the damage you have suffered. People sometimes say: "Get over it, it's been so long" or talk too easily about forgiveness and reconciliation. The danger is that things are trivialized, which causes more damage. Based on the trauma, I reflect on the events of the past and/or present and pay attention to the damaged person/child. From here the conversations are conducted, which are also based on psychodrama (role reversal). Together we bring to light the shocking experience associated with sexual abuse. All this takes place in a safe setting where you remain in control.

After each consultation I ask you to write a short reflection for the next time, in order to look back at what you have experienced/learned.

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