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Who am I?

My name isNathalie Drielinger (1984). I am married and mother of two children. Since my Bachelor in Infant Mental Health (Pedagogy) (2006), I have developed as a professional over the years in various areas. I started in youth care as a personal supervisor in both special and regular primary education and I also worked as a personal counselor at a day treatment center. After this, I worked with young people and adults, both in a residential group and as an outpatient care provider, and I also offered parenting support to parents/guardians.


Based on my Christian philosophy of life, I wanted to develop more from the Bible, so that I can relate to others based on my Christian identity. I completed the three-year Pastoral Counseling course at the Evangelical College.

In addition to my practice, I currently work one day a week as a trauma therapist in a psychiatric practice. There I offer guidance to patients with, among other things, sexual trauma  and I guide clients in pastoral areas. 

As a Trauma Sexologist, I consider the first moment of sexual abuse, the damage caused and the consequences of that damage. Looking back at the damaged/frozen child or adult is important to acknowledge what happened. As a Pedagogue, I work with the inner child, helping step by step to regain the stolen parts of yourself. More information About Trauma Sexology.

As an expert, I know better than anyone that the road to recovery can be long. But it helps if the right one person walks with you on the road. From my own experience I can connect in a safe way. I am open, also listen to what is not told and offer space so that you can tell your story. As a care provider I have confidentiality, which means that everything we discuss remains between us. My confidentiality can be broken if you or someone else is in danger.

From the Bible text below I may now comfort and encourage you, as someone else once did this to me.

All glory belongs to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and the source of all loving help. He comforts us and gives us new courage in all hardships. He does this so that we can comfort and encourage others.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (NASB).

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