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Deliverence ministry is a form of pastoral care in which the person seeking help learns to regain control over his will. Various (traumatic) events in life can ensure that satan has been given the opportunity to enter, making it necessary for demons to be sent away in the Name of Jesus. These bonds or stronholds are broken through truth confrontation and not through power confrontation. The goal of deliverance is to break all (demonic) bondages and (generational) curses, so that true identity and authority are found in Christ.


Deliverance ministry

4 forms of bondages

  1. Bound by the power of sin

  2. Bound by the lie

  3. Bound by emotional ties

  4. Bound by demonic bonds

Based on Luke 11:24-26, it is important that when you go through liberation you no longer return to sin in order to maintain your freedom.

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