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Registering with Creating Eden is the best thing I have given myself so far. I started coaching with Nathalie as a sad and broken person. Today I leave as a resilient woman reborn. So if you want to be coached based on divine principles, I recommend your coach Nathalie; a sweet woman with a passion for her profession and a no-nonsense attitude. She really sees right through all the masks, because this lady hears and sees everything!

Nathalie thanks for EVERYTHING. We stay in touch.

Nathalie is amazing!

Very professionally and guided by the Holy Spirit, she goes to the places that are wounded and speaks words full of life. She takes her time and walks with you in your healing process. Nathalie is very friendly and sharp. From the first conversation I immediately clicked with her and that made it easy for me to be open. I recommend Nathalie to anyone who needs help in their healing and recovery process.

Hi Nathalie, I just want to tell you that I really liked your testimony last week. So beautiful to see you standing there so freely! The way you speak is also very pleasant. I had 2 people with me who did not speak or understand Dutch and both said that just by the way you spoke they agreed with you and were nodding yes. My daughter also said that you spoke convincingly, she liked what you said and enjoyed listening to you, she usually shuts down when God is mentioned, so this is a big compliment!

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